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Welcome to the Bamboo Online Community! A community made especially for Bamboo [the band] fans here in LJ! :D Before joining the community, please make sure you've read the rules. :) It's not that long! :D


  • Only post entries related to the band, pinoy rock, Philippines, etc.
  • It would be fun if you introduced yourself. Or at least let us know that you exist. :)
  • Plugging is accepted. Spamming is not.
  • Avoid using bad language.
  • Respect the moderators.
  • Respect the community members.
  • English and Tagalog/Filipino [language] only.
  • No 1-liner posts. Like "Bamboo rocks! Hurray!" --- we already know that.
  • Do n0t tYpE LiKe tHiS or ev3n l!k3 th1s.
  • Posts like those stated above will immediately be deleted.
  • Follow the rules.

*** Rules may be subject to change. You will, of course, be informed.

The Band
  • Bamboo Mañalac on vocals
  • Ira Cruz on guitars
  • Nathan Azarcon on bass
  • Vic Mercado on drums
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Bamboo [The Band] Community


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